Friday, June 26, 2009

Days of my life

If my ship is tied to a wharf I can take myself for walks. The humans are pretty good, they make sure Manatee is occasionally somewhere I can get off. I only like the little ship that takes everyone to the shore as a place to sun myself when it is on the big ship. This is a lovely park I found at Lake Macquarie in NSW.

So many ships. So many friends. Who will I visit? This is at Manly in Queensland.

This is the place of one of my most embarrassing moments. I was showing off and fell in. Lucky I’m a fabulous swimmer

I like to hide and jump out and yell ”surprise” as a game to keep my humans amused. It did backfire one day though. Under the bed is a big storage spot. The humans had the lid off so I jumped in without them seeing. This will be funny. They went out. I had to wait for hours, no food. Not very funny after all.
This is at Scarborough in Queensland. A man from one of these boats really loved me, he said I’ve got possum in me, and introduced me to all his friends. Many pats….lovely.

Well, that’s my story. It’s a purrfect life for a cat, beautiful sunsets, something new to do every day. I feel like a teenager again.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The story of Idgi's big adventure

My name is Idgi and I’ve lived with my family for 17 years. I was named Idgi in honour of the bee charmer from the story about fried green tomatoes. I used to live a pretty mundane life; eating, sleeping, eating, teasing my beasties, eating. I felt 17. Then my family bought a yacht… own ship. Yahoo. This is the story of my big adventure.

Ahoy, I am now Captain of my own ship. My humans are a little dyslexic and sometimes call me Catpain Idgi, nevertheless we all know who’s boss.

This is me with my ship. She is called Manatee. When people come to look at her I am always ready to give them a guided tour. Then I get pats .

This is me greeting another tour party at Laurieton, on the NSW North coast. We spent a few months here and I liked it because we had a berth at the fish co-op. I love fish.

This is me supervising the beasties Jacki, Ruby and Pearl. They too, know who’s boss.

See how good I look. I love ships.

I like to help with anchoring. I inspect the ropes and call a human when we are over the best spot.

I love looking at other ships. If I time it right (dinnertime) I sometimes score an invitation to jump aboard.

The beasties can’t use the stairs. I can. Cats are far superior to beasties.

This is especially fun when I use the hatch over the bed. Early in the morning is best.

The humans tend to keep that hatch lower. I can still squeeze through. Cats are superior to humans too. I think about that, often.